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Ring of death3834
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Airport 692932
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Demolition Derby is back online! Phase 2 has been released and all scores have been reset for the new score system. Happy smashin'!
Demolition Derby is a Derby gamemode for San Andreas Multiplayer developed and owned by Heartfire.

Make your stats count, and get access to all member-only features. If you are banned, you need an account to take action.

  • Round-based derby, user-submitted maps
  • Experience epic destruction with levolution
  • New gameplay not found in stock GTA: San Andreas
  • Free-for-all gameplay, non-stop hilarity
  • Unique map system, easy to create and submit maps
  • Fair and dedicated administration
The objective of the game is to survive the longest by crashing into others, using the quirks of SAMP to your advantage. After each round, you vote for the next map, and then the fun starts all over again. The gameplay is beautifully simple. You don't need to be aware of any details, but if you want to get more into the gamemode, check out the server.
Bored of the same static map designs? Fear no more! Levolution has been introduced into the server. Experience maps in a whole new level, with dynamic features. Map designs will change while playing. Derby will never be the same with Levolution! Protection Status