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Gamemode Guide

The objective of the game is to survive the longest by crashing into others, using the quirks of SAMP to your advantage. After each round, you vote for the next map, and then the fun starts all over again. The gameplay is beautifully simple. You don't need to be aware of any details, but if you want to get more into the gamemode, check out the following help.


You may find all the server rules here.

About Lag

In reality, there are two types of lag. The first type is caused by the slowdown of your computer or network. This will make you lag back and forth, and become difficult to damage and crash into. This is a problem -- see the rules.

The second type is lag that every player on the server has. When you drive around in SA:MP, players will see your movement update 0.5-1 second late, meaning you have somewhat of a "trailer" attached to your car in which to ram into other players. The best way to get familiar with this concept is to play SA:MP. Demolition Derby in particular is great for getting a feel for native SA:MP lag.

What does this mean? Try to drive in front of other players to "catch" them in your lag. This technique is probably the heart of what makes Demolition Derby fun. When two players get "lag-locked," they can pull hilarious stunts. All it takes is practice, so get out there and play!

The Voting System

Demolition Derby is a round-based gamemode, meaning it operates in cycles of a vote menu, then a game. The vote menu pulls six random maps, and after about 10 seconds, Demolition Derby processes votes and chooses a map.

The server decides what map to choose depending on two factors. Demolition Derby first orders the maps by how many votes each has, then picks the map with the lowest plays-per-hour (PPH). Demolition Derby keeps count of the amount of times a map is played per each hour. So, with each run, a map requires a higher standing in the vote menu to get played. If a map keeps getting played over and over, it will eventually become almost impossible for it to get chosen, since it will have such a high PPH that it would need everyone's vote to run.

Win Types

Last Person Standing - When all but one player is dead at the end of the round. This player is the winner.

Last Survivor - When no players remain at the end. The winner is the player who was last to die.

Least Damage - When there are several players remaining (more than one), the winner is the player who took the least amount of vehicle damage.


Winning rounds will award you points that go into your cumulative score. If you're registered, your score does not get reset every connection. The amount of points you recieve depends on two factors: the amount of 'defeated players,' and the win type divisor.

Defeated players are all players who participated in the round, minus yourself. If a player played in a round, but then went AFK, s/he still counts toward the defeated player count for that round. If a player quits, however, s/he does not. The win type divisor is the number by which the total defeated players is divided.

The amount of points you earn is the amount of defeated players you defeat, divided by the appropriate win type divisor. For instance, the survival divisor is 3. So if you defeat 7 players, and you survive the round, you are awarded with 2 points.

You can also win bonus points for reversals. See below for details.


A reversal occurs when there are two players left in the round, and the player who was previously losing starts winning. This means healths overlapped - a reversal is the point at which health levels cross. There is one stipulation, however. A reversal can only occur if the the difference in health was at least 10 percent. Reversals can stack; you can have multiple reversals in a round.

A reversal is an indicator of a good fight. Therefore, the winner of the fight will earn one extra point per reversal that occured during the round. If this happens, it will say so in the yellow message that announces the points at the end of a round.

Using AFK Mode

Right when you connect to the server, you slide right into the next available round. The /afk or /away command is available to pull you out of a round if you need to alt-tab, go afk, take a break, just spectate, whatever. You will be forced into this mode if the server finds you pausing or idle. Furthermore, if you are away for too long, you will be booted to make room for active players.


When you're not in a round (and not in the intermediate period), you will always be spectating. When spectating, you can left-click and right-click to switch to the next or previous player. This is also a good time to browse maps (/maps), check out map info, and nominate (/nominate) maps for the next vote.

Vehicle Control

GTA: San Andreas gives you more control over your vehicle than you might realize. You can rotate your vehicle in any direction while airborne. To barrel roll left or right, hold brake with left/right. To turn left or right, on a horizontal plane, hold handbrake with left/right. Finally, to tilt forward/back, let go of the accelerator or brake, and use the up/down arrow keys (W and S do NOT work for this).

One of the principles of Demolition Derby is slope physics - the simple fact that those driving down a slope have a major advantage over those driving up it. What this means is that when you see a player struggling to climb a hill, try to get ahead of him or her, and smash into them. You will win.

Using Your Explosion

When you catch fire, you should immediately realize it's time to do damage to other players. When you explode, your blast radius is a lot smaller than it may appear. Remember the concept of SA:MP lag - your effective radius is actually behind you. To do any damage to others, remember to get as close as possible.