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End User License Agreement


With submitting your map on Demolition Derby, you confirm that demolition derby may re-use your map, without consulting yourself (the author). You also agree that we keep a backup of the map file itself in the event that a loss of data occurs so we can restore your map. You also agree that we may keep your map accessable within the server, regardless if you request the removal of said map(s). Do note, if you wish to have your map removed, please email and your case to remove the map will be discussed with the Head Of Administration team.

Privacy use

With registering on Demolition Derby, we ensure your privacy. Under no circumstance, will we re-use your personal details such as your email address to a third party located outside this server and its involved community.

Playing on this server

Playing on this server is a privilege, not a right. Keep that in mind. The Demolition Derby HoA & Founder team may deny you access towards the server and its community at any time, for no reason whatsoever.

Displayed Content

The content displayed as you are viewing it right now, was solely created for this server. Therefor, we uphold the right to re-use, modify or delete this work. Regardless of who created the content. Under no occasion, may any of this content be re-used under a third party server outside Demolition Derby.

The server

The demolition derby script is copyright of Demolition Derby. If this script is re-used out the Demolition Derby community, please inform us and we will take action! We do not tolerate nor authorise the re-usage of this script outside the Demolition Derby controlled environment.


With playing on this server, you automaticly agree to this document, regardless if you have read it or not. Its up to you, the player to ensure you have read this document. This EULA will be enforced, regardless of the circumstances.