[Server] Version 1.6 Phase 2 - Work in progress.

Bug Fixes and changes

• Fixed an ongoing issue with maps crashing clients.
• Fixed a cache issue where the garage would sometimes prevent maps from loading completely
• In the case the server cannot load a map, it will return to the vote screen instead of crashing.
• Fixed a secondary cache issue where the garage had a chance to get loaded multiple times causing massive FPS drops.
• Resolved an issue that would cause map objects to dissapear over time.
• Bouncy Cars will now bounce cars higher then normal per popular request. (This might not be permanent).
• Winning Streaks have been removed.

New features

• The server has been pulled off the Quad Score, and is now on a complete new score system.
• Map Creators now have the option to specify a time limit on their maps, with some restrictions. (Default: 2:00 -- Min. Time limit: 1:20 -- Max. Time Limit: 3:00).
• Players that now have over 500 score, will be able to automatically change their name with /nc. (This is a test, if it gets abused, the system will be removed again).
• Added a message if there are not enough active players in the current round to gain score.

[UCP] Version 3.0 - Released 5 September 2016.

• Completely changed the way UCP works.
• Updated the entire design for the UCP.
• Even more code optimization on every page on the UCP. It should be alot more responsive to requests!
• Included many new features such as the responsive navigation bar.
• There is a brand new public map list (http://www.dderby.net/ucp/maplist.php)
• A brand new map submitter, where you now need to enter a description and upload an image of your map, to be in standard with the new map list.
• A brand new map revising option for map authors, they may now disable their own maps at their discretion (Abuse will result in removal of this function).
• Re-worked the entire map editing on the UCP, map authors may now edit every aspect of their map.
• The ban appeal center has been complete re-worked, and appealers are now able to communicate with the staff team.
• And alot more!

[Server] Version 1.6 PHASE 1- Rebirth - Released 23 October 2015.

Rebirth is a complete re-write of the current server. The code has been renewed using the latest methods and techniques.
Rebirth is the biggest change to ever hit Demolition Derby, nothing is left untouched.
In version 1.6, the server has been fully recoded into a new script with more-up-to-date features, it is impossible to list the entire change log here due to the size of it, but here are the highlights.

• Completely changed the way ban appeals work (Click here for more information).
• Fixed some issue's with St0rmWatch's anti-spam.
• Integrated more hack detection in St0rmWatch.
• St0rmWatch has received a much needed update to counter new hacks.
• The server has been integrated into 'The Cloud'. The forum, website, UCP & server are now integrated and inter-connected with each other.
• Re-wrote most of the server-send lines.
• Map Revisions now take count.
• Players that get disqualified will now keep their appropriate colour based on their registration state.
• Round Durations have been decreased from 2:30 minutes to 2;00 minutes.
• Players may now select a countdown song that plays when only one minute remains on the current map.
• Validation checks have been added for maps. Maps that fail to load will be overwritten to a working map automatic.
• Each player now has a rank. Players gain experience based on their overall performance.
• DAC will now actively check for persistent ban evaders and VPN/Proxy's and will block their connection as deemed appropriate (You may request a whitelist for this).

Brand new Administrator module:
• Re-Wrote all administrator commands.
• Administrators now get more information about a player that connects.
• Re-formatted most messages and fixed some persistent issue's.
• Administrators may now check if a person is banned without using IRC.
• Administrators may now use a custom ban reason for banning a player.
• Possible Ban Evasion messages will no longer show up if the client has been denied connection.

*NOTE: Rebirth will be released in 2 stages due to massive changes within the server structure, this change log is for phase 1.

[Server] Version 1.5.4 - Released 14 June 2015.

Version 1.5.4 is the final release in the V1.5 branch.

• Completely re-wrote the IRC Bot.
• It is no longer possible to use /me when muted.
• There is now a challenge per 20 minutes that can earn you one point. (Word Response Challenge).
• Players that fail to spawn at the start of the round, will no longer spam the public chat.
• The server will no longer kick for advertising, but it will instead prevent the message from being sent.
• The anti-spam has been finished and is now activily running under St0rmWatch.
• You may now toggle all streamed music & sounds with '/togglesounds'. This is turned on by default.
• Reformated the IRC Command '!players', it will now split in Alive & Death players.
• IRC Admins now got a confirmation when using !mute and !unmute via IRC.
• Fixed various IRC Commands are part of Princess 2.0
• Added /credits
• Added Demolition Derby's radio to /radio.
• Listening to /radio will no longer stop playing on round end; map music or donator MVP.